Beyond the Bar Chart

2 or 3 Things We Know About Project Management

Understanding the Project Management Skills Triangle

Technical Project Management Skills

The traditional Project Management disciplines of Scope, Schedule, Quality and Risk Management are still needed in all projects. But employers now seek other skills and competencies on top of this core capabilities. Check our articles and videos on Microsoft Project, Risk, Scheduling and Earned Value.

Leadership and Team Skills

Modern companies now expect strengths and skills in leadership and team work, competencies that can motivate diverse work forces comprising different cultures, different training and different levels of responsibility. Read our articles and watch our videos on teamwork, communications and stakeholder management.

Strategic and Business Acumen

The ideal project management skill set — the Talent Triangle — not only includes both technical and leadership skills, but strategic and business management expertise that contributes to the organisation's bottom line. Read our articles and watch our videos on Business Case development, strategic project alignment and business value management.

Build Your Project Management Skills

Read our free resources, articles and short videos on the varied aspects of modern project and general management, and claim your professional development units from your professional body, whether in the US, Australia or the UK.

Modern project management is more than a bar chart, more than a budget.  Develop your skills and join our PDU Club to view more detailed presentations and mini courses as long as you require

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