Free Introductory Course on Microsoft Project 2013

A month ago I was browsing on YouTube and noticed that one of the well-established presenters on Udemy at put some of his older course videos online.

In fact, he has released twenty-one videos from an introductory course in Microsoft Project 2013 onto YouTube and these now provide a verbose but good-quality introduction to that software.

The trainer, whose company is Simon Sez, tends to rattle on a bit, (and frankly, I should talk!), but despite a very slow introduction, you can get some good value out of this resource.

While there are 21 videos to choose from, I would recommend you start from video #13, titled “Project 2013 for Beginners Part 13: How to Setup Tasks in Microsoft Project 2013” and follow along from there on.

That’s not to say the earlier videos in a good: they just cover a lot of background material, including the Microsoft templates that can be used to set up a project initially, option settings, which are quite important in Microsoft Project, and various other background materials taking up the first twelve videos and a considerable amount of viewing time!

I would suggest play through from #13 onwards, and then go back selectively to view how to set the options (video #12), especially how to set the default options in Microsoft Project to ensure that the system uses auto scheduling instead of the crazy selection of manual scheduling is by Microsoft.

The first recommended video can be viewed below, but please go to YouTube itself and search for “project 2013” to find the full set of videos.

As a courtesy to the presenter, please don’t join some of the petty-minded viewers who criticise his lengthy introduction – very generously, he is giving away a valuable course for free. If you want a more comprehensive and up-to-date version, he and other presenters have some excellent ones on Udemy, but always at a considerable price and never for free!


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