Project Quality – an overview of Process Improvement from PMI

Project Quality is a perennial issue – how do we identify stakeholder requirements and success criteria? How do we communicate those requirements to our team? What activities do we need to add to our project schedule to control quality?

In the PMBOK(r) Guide view we project managers also need to understand the broader world of business quality management, and surprisingly, in the certification exams the Institute expects us to have a very broad grasp of these principles; certainly, a lot more than is contained in the PMBOK(r) Guide.

In the spirit of this need for broader understanding, I think you will find this video very helpful. It reviews two broad topics, Kaizen (progressive improvement) and Six Sigma, both of which are frequently referenced in books and web sites on project quality management.

The video comes to us from a commercial website, whose products I do NOT use. However, this site is an excellent source of project articles and training, with a minimum of self-promotion and commercialisation (just a short and lowkey plug at the end of each video). You will find other videos from on YouTube but try their web site directly to access other training videos. It is well worth a viewing.

Process Improvement: Six Sigma & Kaizen Methodologies


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