Understanding the PM Talent Triangle

Developing real world competency in using project management

Growing Project Management beyond the bar chart…

There is no doubt that technical skills are core to project and program management. However, since late 2015, the US Project Management Institute has asked its Registered Education Providers to align their courses to a broader range of competencies than simply scheduling, budgeting and controlling risks.  They call this broader approach to professional development “the talent triangle” as they move beyond the need for a bar chart and budget. Companies require more than just technical skills to succeed in today’s complex and competitive global marketplace. They need people with other value-added skills in leadership and business strategy.  Professionals with these competencies can support longer-range strategic objectives that contribute to business success rather than just project success.

Here in our PDU Club we offer the resources to help you to develop skills and achieve success in:

  • Technical project management skills
  • Leadership and team management
  • Strategic planning and business management

We can help you...

Read our free resources, articles and short videos on the varied aspects of modern project and general management, and claim your professional development units from your professional body, whether in the US, Australia or the UK. Modern project management is more than a bar chart, more than a budget. Develop your skills and join our PDU Club to view more detailed presentations and mini courses as long as you require.

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