PMP Exam Sample Question on GERT (not PERT)

Aileen Ellis is an American PMP instructor whom I greatly respect. I discovered her videos after reading one of her short books on scheduling.

She has a series of free Youtube videos reviewing more obscure aspects of the PMP Exam with the benefit that they are usually recorded from live or online webinars with her students.

She takes pains to explain the question, the salient words that might suggest the right response from the multiple choice answers and any ambiguities that might confuse her students.

This example is fairly minor, but it does demonstrate her thorough and helpful approach to PMP exam preparation. We usually learn about PERT in our training courses in project management, but how many of you know GERT and other acronyms? Aileen does us all good service not only outlining the salient points of such an obscure topic, but also how it might be used in the PMP exam.

Her approach is very systematic but extremely clear and a great help in understanding the nature of the PMI’s examiners’ approach to many topics. I hope you enjoy her video and find some value in her other videos.

Other PMP exam resources

Apart from presenting many exam preparation videos like this (you can subscribe to her YouTube channel or go look at her website,, Aileen has written 3 books: one on critical path scheduling, one on earned value, and one on contract types for project procurement. I recommend them!



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